Balterio laminate flooring offers the best combination of quality and value in a wide range of colours and styles. Balterio takes pride in the styling and durability of our foors and in our commitment to honour strong, reliable warranties.  It meets strict production standards, while offering 10-year to lifetime warranties. When it comes to your home and family, you only want the best. 


These guarantee conditions apply in all countries where the product is sold through (approved) distributors. Balterio laminate foor comes with a warranty in residential and, depending on the type of foor, commercial use which covers materials and manufacturing defects.

The warranty becomes effective on the date of purchase. In order to make a warranty claim , the original, dated invoice, containing the distributor’s stamp, must be submitted. The warranty terms are only valid for the frst user/original purchaser of the Balterio laminate. The frst user/original purchaser is the name mentionned on the original invoice. If the warranty is valid, Spanolux’s Balterio division will replace or repair the laminate foor. The customer, however, must refrain from installing visibly defective planks. Customers must report such visible defects within 8 days after purchase. 

No complaints will be accepted after the end of this period. If the guarantee can be applied, the Balterio® division of Spanolux will replace the laminate floor. This solely involves replacement, where no damage or costs such as installation costs or other expenses will be reimbursed. Any liability of Balterio® other than by virtue of the guarantee obligation for the sole replacement of the laminate products is fully and explicitly excluded. Consequently, Balterio® cannot be held liable for costs including those of the removal and laying of the laminate products, travelling expenses or any other costs or damage.  

This warranty does not apply to products that have not been installed as described in the Balterio Installation Instructions using Balterio accessories. The replacement of the laminate products as provided for in these guarantee conditions is subject to a degressive scale, whereby ambient factors and the duration and intensity of use of the laminate products to be replaced are taken into account. The warranty takes the form of a sliding scale. This is to say that, when the scale is applied in terms of a percentage depreciation of the product. The duration of the warranty is indicated clearly on the packaging of every product. 


Balterio® laminated foors must be laid indoors and are not suitable for moist and/or humid spaces such as bathrooms or saunas. Spaces suitable for Balterio® laminated floors are specifed on the packaging and on the Balterio® website: www.balterio.com. The installation of Balterio® laminated floors in spaces other than mentioned on the packaging must be requested in writing. 

Wear resistance: Balterio guarantees that in normal conditions of use the laminated surface will remain wear resistant after purchase.

Resistance to stains: Balterio laminate floor covering is resistant to stains such as red wine, ketchup, etc. 


This warranty does not cover damage caused by:
- wrong maintenance 
- accidents or unsuitable and wrong use 
- abnormal wear such as damage caused by spike heel shoes, inadequateprotection against furniture, grit, sand - and other abrasive materials 
- water damage caused by excessive fluid in concrete slabs, hydrostatic pressure, flooding caused by ice machines, - refrigerators, sinks, dishwashers, piping and natural disasters 
- improper craftmanship or installation not performed according to our installation instructions 
- inappropriate removal or replacement of panels - damage caused by the frame of vacuum cleaners and hard or metal wheels of desk chairs and/or wheels of furniture 
- damage caused by the urine of pets and/or other corrosive or abrasive substances installation of Balterio laminate flooring on subfloors thicker than 3mm

What is excluded from this warranty?

Any other damage not covered by this guarantee is therefore not a liability of Balterio® and no compensation can be paid for such damage. Balterio excludes from the warranty any kind of follow-up damage and no payment for such damage shall be due. These types of damage include any loss and all costs for damage other than these caused to the actual floor covering and those that have been caused by a fault in the floor covering. Balterio does not recognise derived or implied warranties except those contained in this written warranty. This warranty is only valid if the Balterio Installation Instructions and conditions on maintenance and accessories as published by Balterio (see Balterio brochure or www.balterio.com) are complied with. 

Note to the customer

Please keep your proof of purchase. To claim under the warranty, you must contact your dealer. For guarantee claims contact Spanolux NV divisie Balterio – Wakkensteenweg 37B – 8710 SINT BAAFS VIJVE - BELGIUM. The Balterio® guarantee conditions do not prejudice the guarantee legally applicable to the Balterio® products.


Kersaint Cobb’s engineered wood flooring offers a 15 year residential wear warranty providing it has been installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. The warranty covers damage resulting from manufacturing related defects, which affect the appearance or performance of the floor. 

  • Installer and consumer have installed and maintained the floor according to Kersaint Cobb recommended guidelines. 
  • Boards must be inspected for any visible defects prior to and on completion of the installation. 
  • Any boards found to be substandard before or during installation are to be reported to the supplier and not installed. 

The following points are excluded from this warranty: 

  • Damage through improper use, accidents, insects, animals
  • Optical/visual impacts such as gaps, indentation, seasonal climate related change, wear to lacquer or oil finish and change in colour related to exposure to sunlight 
  • Damages caused by improper installation, poor or no maintenance or cleaning 
  • Damage through mechanical or chemical impact 
  • Damage through impact of moisture 

All claims must be reported within 10 days of complaint identification to the retailer where the floor was purchased. The original receipt must be presented at the same time. 
If a claim under this guarantee is justified, the consumer will receive a replacement from the current range of Kersaint Cobb products.   
The value will be reduced by 7½% of the original invoice value for every full year since purchase date. Any additional claims (eg cost for labour, etc), are excluded from the right to claim under this guarantee. 


WOW! Wool Owners Warranty is a special after-care service designed to restore people’s confidence in wool carpets. Wool carpets are just as easy to clean as man-made fibres.

How does WOW work?

Firstly, choose your wool carpet with confidence then register your purchase details online at www.wowwarranty.com

Next, you will be contacted by your nearest WOW registered carpet cleaner to introduce themselves to you and you will receive your free Woolsafe approved spot remover.

In the case of a spill, you can contact your WOW cleaner who will talk you through removal steps. If the stain is still not removed the cleaner will visit your home, free of charge, to attempt a professional spot removal.

WOW can last the lifetime of the carpet!

The initial warranty lasts for 12 months from the date of purchase. However, this can be extended indefinitely.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned by your WOW Registered Carpet Cleaner once a year and the warranty is renewed.

Accidents on your new luxurious wool carpet no longer have to be a disaster!