Moth Resistant Carpets

All natural carpets like coir, jute, sisal and bamboo are naturally moth resistant as they are made from natural fibres. Also carpets made from man made fibres such as polypropylene and some carpets made with a mix of wool and man made fibre do not attract moths and are moth resistant. However most wool carpets will need to be moth proofed.

Here are some of the moth proofed and resistant wool carpet ranges we do supply.

Moth Proofed Wool carpet ranges from Cormar carpets are: Avebury, Avebury Stripe, Boucle Neutrals, Home Counties Plains, Home Counties Heathers, Malabar Two-Fold, Natural Berber Elite, Natural Berber Deluxe and Oaklands.

Moth Resistant and Proofed Wool carpet ranges from Kersaint Cobb are: Beach Hut Stripe, Pampas Berber Loop, Caribbean Nights, South Pacific, Adventures, Classics, African Plains, Pamaps Knitted, Pampas Boucle, Country Herbs, Pampas Highlands, Seasilk, Cosmopolitan, Chic, Elegance, Vogue, Grandeur, Exquisite, Couture, Pampas Nordic, Pampas Nordic Stripe & Elite, Aurora, Luna, Eden, Cascade and Celeste.